24/7 Hotline Access

There's always someone standing by... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year... with access to pre-qualified service professionals. That means when you're having problem with a covered system or appliance, just call Home Protect any time of the day or night and a customer care specialist will assist in getting a service professional to your home.

Instant Savings

It's important to remember that it doesn't matter if your covered system or appliance needs repair or replacement – you'll typically pay your deductible and Home Protect will pay the rest, up to your plan limits.* That's a lot of coverage, at your fingertips!

Pre-qualified Service Professionals

Have you ever searched the Yellow Pages looking for someone to help when your a/c stops working or your refrigerator or clothes washer breaks down? Never again because one call to Home Protect gets a pre-qualified service professional to your home – someone who has been through our extensive qualification process in order to ensure your satisfaction.

Unlimited Service

If you're having a streak of bad luck... things just seem to keep breaking down or are in need of constant repair... there's no need to worry. You can call Home Protect for as many appliance and system repairs as needed.* And remember: it doesn't matter the age, make or model of your appliances or systems – they're covered!*

6-Month Workmanship Guarantee

It's a common concern: The service professional repairs an appliance or system and then leaves – what happens if something goes wrong with the item they worked on? With a Home Protect Home Warranty, there's no need for concern. All work performed under the plan is guaranteed for a full six months!

Appliance Buyline

Are you ready to upgrade one or two kitchen appliances? Do you need a new clothes washer? What about a new refrigerator as a special gift to yourself? Just call Home Protect and have a customer care specialist help you find what you need and receive deep discounts off the manufacturer's suggested retail price. And if you need it installed, we'll do that too, at a discount of course!

*See terms, conditions and limitations in your service agreement. Non-covered charges may apply.